Letter to SC Congressional Delegation Feb 2009

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Letter to SC Congressional Delegation Feb 2009 Empty Letter to SC Congressional Delegation Feb 2009

Post  stevefowler on Thu Feb 05, 2009 11:52 am

Stephen Fowler
108 May Apple Way
Landrum, SC 29356
February 5, 2009
Sen. Lindsey Graham
Upstate Regional Office
101 East Washington Street
Suite 220
Greenville, SC 29601
Dear Sen. Graham:
I have been too busy during my lifetime to do my civic duty but now I feel compelled to participate, even in a limited way.

So here goes with minimum commentary.

Defeat the “Employee Free Choice Act”. I am member of the Air Line Pilots’ Assoc., a relatively benign union, and it even is oppressive and tries to intimidate members. The freedom to vote for or against unions, in secret, should not be removed. Even the ultra liberal George McGovern has spoken out against the act which is contrary to common sense and American ideals.

While usually against government becoming involved in projects which could be accomplished by private enterprise, I strongly support massive and creative efforts to improve the public transportation options in our country. Long distance trains and local light rail, even unprofitable, would reduce our addiction to cars. Our strategic position demands a reduction of oil use.

We are tired of seeing crazy, illogical situations which could be corrected but are not. We are mad at the abuses of incorrigible greed. One thing which could be done and would, at least, “feel better’ would be to remove the perpetual pensions for convicted ex members of Congress. I think we would all like to know who would vote against such a measure and why.

In times of crisis Americans want to pitch in. We want to be told what we can do to help to get our country going. Americans, even the unemployed, want to and can help. We should not be expected to huddle in our homes while the government solves everything. Ask people to help and give them a role to play. On my days off I tutor some “at-risk’ children at Heritage Elem. School. There are retired, jobless and working Americans who could help these kids. My wife shudders to think how large her class will be next year with budget cuts looming and yet, thousands of people near her school sit at home, jobless, who could help but are not even being asked to help. They could ride a school bus to get there!
Americans need to be recruited as a patriotic act to help where they can. Mr. Obama should go to the American people with a plea for all to help where they can and give them the list of where they are needed. Volunteers for schools, government services, even engineering services are available if people were asked and permitted to help. I thought Mr. Obama was going to think “outside the box” and mobilize the American public. He still can and Americans want to participate. If retired accountants, military men, diplomats, teachers etc. would have been recruited to volunteer their services in Iraq and now in Afghanistan, the success would be quicker and less expensive.

Forgive me but there is one more thing.
Americans can no longer act on their own innovation and creativity because the cost of entry into the business world is too complicated and expensive. To begin a company without liability insurance is crazy and yet the cost of that insurance is so high many are stopped in their tracks when they discover the cost of being protected against crazy lawsuits. In Russia (I visit frequently) when a transportation need exists, someone gets a van, tapes a sign to it saying where it goes and accepts riders. You could never do that here because liability insurance and licenses would make it impossible (or at least unprofitable). Everywhere we hear about more money to pay for health care but never hear about how much the cost of health care is due to the layers and layers of liability insurance. Everyone from the people who pave the driveway to the makers of the tongue depressors to the doctors must pay for liability insurance to protect against “out of control” lawsuits.
One other example: I wanted to create and donate the use of a park with playground equipment to my small hometown in Alabama but could not accept the cost of the liability insurance. The lot sits empty.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for your support. Please put service to our country above service to the party.
Stephen Fowler

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