Outrage over the AIG bonuses...

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Outrage over the AIG bonuses... Empty Outrage over the AIG bonuses...

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 21, 2009 12:01 am

I am sickened by the faux outrage that is so trendy among members of Congress regarding the bonuses at AIG. They are unable to get enough votes to terminate the pensions for life that some of their former colleagues are collecting from prison but they can all take turns talking on TV about how disgusted they are over the AIG bonuses.
As sickening as the AIG bonuses are, and they are.. I find it just another episode of self serving grandstanding on the part of most members of Congress who care so little about what is right or fair that convicted members of Congress are sacred and should continue to bilk the U.S. public from their prison cells. Thanks alot!!

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