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Post  DUANE_LEET on Sat Dec 06, 2008 1:04 pm

Computer and Network Help Available for Cliffs Residents

A couple of my “customers” have suggested I let people know about my services.

Do You Need Computer Help in Your Own Home?

• Are you having computer problems? Too slow? Blue screen of death? Peculiar behavior? Email?
• Have you “lost” a document? (Where did it go?)
• Are you having a problem with your network or DSL? Do you want to use/install a network to, for example, add a wireless laptop or share information between computers?
• Are you afraid of loosing your pictures or financials? Do you wnat backup?
• Do you want to purchase a new computer or upgrade an old computer, but don’t know what you need/want and don’t know how to get the best buy?
• When you get new stuff, do you want help setting it up and transferring from the old to the new?
• Are you having problems with security? Are you spending too much for security programs? (You can get programs as good as Norton et al for free!)
• Would you like help finding and evaluating a program that can help you do something you want to do or do it more efficiently? (At lowest or no cost)

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. If you’ve got a problem in the computer or network realm, consider contacting me first, before you go to the more expensive services.

Would You Like To Know How To Do Something Computer-Related or Want Personalized Training?

• Microsoft Operating Systems- How it works; how to organize your documents, how to keep your computer running efficiently...
• Linux- I bet most people don't use Linux, but perhaps you have a small business and want to set up a web site, or you just don't want to pay Microsoft for a mediocre operating system. I can set your computer up with Linux as a desktop or I can set it up as a server or internet server. I can also set your business up with any of the many website providers at nearly no cost.
• Microsoft Office; OpenOffice; Google Apps; your own personal web page
• Quicken products; Turbotax products
• Genealogy- If you want to explore your family history, I can train you on applications, including free ones, and how to use the internet to build your genealogy.
• Business management products
• Various photo and video management products; building “life story” videos
• Music products, both music library and music composer software
• Just about any unique application

I can provide training, many times on a moment’s notice- or give me a few hours.

My “rates” are low compared to other computer services. I don’t charge by the hour. In fact, to date, I’ve either negotiated a fixed price or left the cost entirely up to the customer. I accept in-kind donations too, such as a bottle of wine. Very Happy

Finally, with rare exceptions, such as former Cliffs residents or previous mountain residents, I will only do this for Cliffs residents.

Duane Leet, PhD


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