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Post  sgpast on Sun Dec 14, 2008 10:30 am

As a property owner, I’d like to share my thoughts on this Forum. First, this Forum is a great resource for Glassy and other Cliffs property owners. Many thanks to all those that have helped develop and implement it. Among the resources I feel are, or will be most beneficial are the calendar, restaurant reviews, service provider recommendations, social events, travel, etc.

However, I have one major complaint. It is the posting of what I believe is “our dirty laundry.” Specifically, it is any posting of griping or bitching about problems or communications between Cliffs residents and the Cliffs corporate management.

Since anyone can become a member of this forum, property owner or the general public, anyone can read the correspondence and postings made by Forum members. I am not defending Jim Anthony and his policies, but I believe that the public airing of members’ problems with Cliffs management only hurts all property owners.

Does anyone believe that potential buyers for information about the Cliffs Communities will not come across this Forum in an internet search? Does any property owner, especially one looking to sell a property, thinks that he or she will benefit from public airing of our complaints?

I believe the disputes between property owners and Cliffs management should not be aired on a publicly accessible website. Let’s leave these disputes to private correspondence and Property Owners Association meetings. I strongly recommend the editors delete those postings that do not serve the benefit of property owners or potentially hurt our chances of resale of our property.


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A Concern of this Forum Empty RE:flaw in the system

Post  Admin on Sun Dec 21, 2008 2:20 pm

At some point, either by request from you or by having been recognized as a member, you were added to the Cliffs Members subgroup.. (see "Groups" in the memu, click on Cliffs Members and you will see your user ID)
Once a member or resident is identified as such, any records of their identity are discarded. How you were recognized to be added is no longer known.
If you register again with a different email account, user id and password, you would see how many of the forum topics are invisible. You can also log in as a guest and see the limitations.
If you discover a topic on which restrictions should be placed but are not, please let me know.

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